How can I learn more about the Sunrider® opportunity?

Please visit the Sunrider website at www.sunrider.com to view our Opportunity Presentation. You may also fill out the Contact Us form and a Business Service Representative will be happy to share the opportunity with you.


What are the differences between a Member and an IBO?

You can sign up to become a Sunrider Member for free (Social Security number not required to join). Members can buy Sunrider® products online at the Member Price. A Member can advance to a VIP Member or an IBO, receiving progressive discounts as you purchase products and/or grow your Sunrider Business.

A Sunrider IBO is someone who wants to build a Sunrider business and maximize its wonderful financial opportunity. IBOs enjoy the largest discounts and bonuses. To become a Sunrider IBO, you must:

  • Complete the IBO Agreement,and
  • Purchase Marketing Tool Pack.


If I am a Member how can I upgrade to an IBO?

To become a Sunrider IBO, you must:

  1. Complete the IBO Agreement, and
  2. Purchase Marketing Tool Pack.


If I am a Member or an IBO, how can I buy Sunrider® products?

You may purchase Sunrider® products directly from Sunrider’s website, by phone, fax, mail, or in person at the Sunrider Store.

To place an order, call the order line at (02)252-9411, Monday through Saturday, between 9:30 am and 6:00 pm.

Send the completed order form to (02)225-9420. To place orders by fax, a credit card in your name or bank-draft payment method must be used. You may confirm your fax by calling (02)252-9411.

Send your order form with payment by credit card in your name, personal check, bank draft, money order, or cashier’s check payable to Sunrider International. Please include your name, “shipping” address, telephone number, ID number, method of shipping, and SV month to:

Customer Service Department
Sunrider Thailand, Inc.
2 Ploenchit Center Building 2nd Floor
Sukhumvit Rd., Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

To qualify for SV credit in a given month, mail orders must be received by Sunrider no later than the last day of the given month.

Sunrider Store
You may visit Sunrider Thailand, Inc. and order products during the following hours:
Monday – Saturday: 9:30 am to 6:00 pm
Orders must be picked up by the end of the business day.

Shop Online
Go to www.sunrider.com and choose the country you want to purchase products from. Then click “Shop Online” and choose regular or express shopping. You can order online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Shipping rates depend on the product’s weight, plus a 50 Baht service fee.


If I take Sunrider® herbal products, can I stop taking my medication?

No! You should continue taking your medication and inform your doctor you are consuming Sunrider® herbal products. You should only stop taking your medication when your doctor advises you to do so. Sunrider® herbal products are intended to nourish the body and improve overall health, not to treat or cure specific diseases or to replace medication.


Are Sunrider® herbal products safe?

Yes! If you can eat normal meals, you also can consume Sunrider® herbal products.* Many herbal products on the market are ineffective. Some may even be dangerous. However, Sunrider’s products are safe, superior, and effective because of very important differences, such as:

  • Formulation and Owners’ Expertise:
    Experts in herbal nutrition and medicine, Drs. Tei-Fu and Oi-Lin Chen personally formulate Sunrider’s exclusive herbal products. Sunrider uses only the finest herbs that have been proven safe and effective for centuries. This is why Sunrider does not manufacture unhealthy “fad” products.
  • Thorough Research:
    Sunrider’s formulations are the result of thorough research in our state-of-the-art labs. This ensures the safety and efficacy of each product.
  • Extraction & Concentration:
    Rather than simply grinding the herbs and packaging them, Sunrider maximizes the effectiveness of the herbs and retains essential elements and ingredients through a trade-secret concentration process.
  • Quality Control & Self-Manufacturing:
    Sunrider guarantees stringent quality control and safety of Sunrider® herbal products by manufacturing the products in its own state-of-the-art facilities. Other companies often use subcontractors and cannot supervise the quality control procedures used to manufacture their products.

Once you try our products, you’ll discover that Sunrider® herbal foods and dietary supplements are simply the best for your body.

* If you are under a doctor’s supervision, please consult your doctor before beginning a new food program.


Are Sunrider® products Kosher-certified?

Kosher-Certified Products:
Sunrider understands that Kosher-certified products are important to many of its IBOs and consumers. Therefore, many of the products manufactured by Sunrider Manufacturing, L.P. are certified Kosher by Star-K, one of the most respected Kosher-certification agencies in the world. Sunrider® products that are certified by Star-K are also certified by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, which is the supreme Jewish religious governing body in the state of Israel, controlling many aspects of life, including Kosher certification.

Sunrider Products Certified by Star-K:
Star-K Certification documents, which include complete listings of Kosher-certified Sunrider® products, can be viewed here.

Kosher Criteria &Sunrider Quality:
The barometer of Kosher and non-Kosher depends primarily on two variables: the source of the ingredients and the status of the production equipment. Kosher certification, which is the guarantee that the food meets Kosher requirements, revolves around these two criteria. Sunrider self-manufactures its products in state-of-the-art facilities, with the highest quality control and carefully formulates all of its products. These factors contribute to achieving Kosher certification and to the uncompromised quality of all Sunrider® products.


Questions or Comments about Kosher Certification:
If you have any questions or comments about Kosher certification, please view the Star-K contact list here.


Why are there warnings on some product labels?

The materials contained on this website are for informational purposes only. The information should not be considered legal advice and is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship. This website contains general information and is not a substitute for legal advice from a qualified attorney licensed in the appropriate jurisdiction.

Occasionally Sunrider IBOs ask why some of our labels and marketing literature contain warnings such as those found on our SPF products. They feel that because our products are safe there is no need for warnings and are worried that warnings might even hurt sales. While it is true that our products are safe and manufactured according to our strict quality control standards, federal and/or state law sometimes requires certain products sold in the U.S. to carry very specific warning statements.

For instance, all products that contain a sun protection factor (SPF) are considered to be over-the-counter drugs (OTCs) by the FDA and are required to carry a warning on the label that includes a statement that the product is for external use only, should be kept out of the reach of children, and to discontinue use of the product if irritation or a rash appears. Therefore, because products such as Oi-Lin® Natural Emulsion contain an SPF of 30, Sunrider complies with the law by carrying the required warning on the label.

Even some dietary supplements require a warning if certain ingredients are in the product. California state law requires a very specific statement regarding the possible laxative effect of Cassia tora even if there has never been a complaint about a particular product containing this botanical. Therefore, because Cassia tora is one of the ingredients in Sunrider’sSportcaps® dietary supplement, the required warning appears on the label and has since 1998 without a negative effect on sales.

Sunrider strives to make the very best products in compliance with all state and federal laws. Therefore, any warnings appearing on our product labels or in our literature should be viewed with confidence because it demonstrates Sunrider’s concern for the safety and well-being of our IBOs.